"Search Engine Marketing"

You will learn the fundamentals of SEM and how to apply them to create successful campaigns.

Topics covered include keyword research, content optimization, and understanding the basics of SEO and PPC.

You will also learn how to analyze and track performance to ensure the success of your campaigns.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of SEM and the necessary skills to create successful campaigns.

The key objectives of this module are:

Understand the fundamentals of Facebook advertising.
Familiarize yourself with the various ad formats available for Facebook ads.
Develop an understanding of the targeting and optimization options available for Facebook ads.
Learn how to create and manage campaigns using the Facebook Ads Manager.
Analyze the performance of Facebook ads using insights and reporting.
Understand the importance of budgeting and cost optimization for Facebook ads.
Utilize different strategies to maximize the reach of your ad campaigns.
Develop the skills to design effective visuals and copy for Facebook ads.
Implement techniques to measure the success and ROI of your Facebook ad campaigns.
Explore the use of Facebook tools such as Audience Insights, Ads Library and more.

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